our Fabrics

Our sustainable philosophy starts with the materials we use. We source certified  fabrics from European suppliers who share and promote our values.

We focus on textiles made from recycled fibres, because we believe we should use what is already available as much as we can. We choose suppliers that are committed to sustainable growth by applying methods that are  environmentally friendly and by contributing to the circular economy in textiles.

The use of innovative materials is our unique way to bring our collection to a new level of comfort and quality.

Keep reading to learn more about our sustainable fabrics and fibres!

Certified suppliers

We only purchase fabrics from certified suppliers. In particular, we support the Organic Blended Content in our use of organic cotton and the use of GRS (Global Recycled Standard) materials. 


TencelTM with Refibra Tecnology. TencelTMLyocell fibres are derived from sustainably grown wood. These fibres are naturally soft to the touch and offer long-lasting comfort.
by lebenskleidung


100% Cotton - Lightweight and breathable, soft to the touch and light colours
by canclini 1925


55% Lyocell + 31% Recycled Cotton + 12 Organic Cotton + 2% Recycled Elastane
by candiani


97% Cotton (of which 70% from recycled) + 3% Elastane
by Lanificio Europa