our suppliers

We believe we have a responsibility to make conscious choices throughout our entire supply chain. For this reason, we only buy fabrics from selected suppliers that are transparent and open about their sustainability policy.  

We choose suppliers that are committed to sustainable growth by applying methods that are  environmentally friendly and by contributing to the circular economy in textiles.

Would you like to know more about them? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here is where we tell you who is behind the fabrics we use! 

Since 1925, Canclini has been a reference point for quality fabrics. The company was originally set up as part of the silk industry in the Como area in Northern Italy. In the Sixties, they moved away from the silk sector and started to manufacture cotton fabrics. Today, thanks to their passion for work, dynamism, constant innovation and creativity, the company is one of the leading reference brands in the sector of high quality shirting fabrics. We value their commitment towards a transparent fashion supply chain and their use of environmental friendly solutions. Moreover, we admire their engagement within the community via initiatives such as “Un Sorriso in più”, a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting people in need.
Candiani Denim
We use denim manufactured in Italy by Candiani Denim, a family run company known as the World’s finest and most sustainable denim mills. Candiani Denim believe in the importance of Made in Italy, Sustainability and Innovation. Their fabrics are unique and of supreme quality.

Their motto “More Than Fabrics” says it all.  

From Berlin-Kreuzberg, Lebenskleidung not only sells beautiful fabrics but they are committed to producing fair and sustainable materials. 

Lana Europa Jersey

Founded in 1966 by Piero and Luigi Guarducci, and still led today by the Guarducci family, Lanificio Europa  has established itself as a reference in the textile industry. The company is particularly sensitive to environmental issues and believes it has a responsibility to demonstrate how a company can thrive while respecting the environment in which it operates. We love the fact that Lanificio Europa works the elasticization and twisting of the yarn, the weaving, the dyeing and finishing of the fabric locally in an area of ​​only 10 km.