Our packaging

Our Sustainability mission does not end with the dresses we make. We look at the bigger picture  and we aim to  reduce our waste and pollution as much as we can. Our way to do this is to benefit from conscious and more eco-friendly alternatives. 

We maintain our packaging as minimal as possible. Wrapped up in recycled tissue paper, our dresses are delivered in home compostable bags. These are made with cornstarch and a bland of two bioplastics known as PLA and PBA while printed with non-toxic inks.

What to do with our packaging

We invite you to close the loop. Find a new way to utilise these sustainable  bags or put them into your home compostable bin. In just 6  months, they will simply break down without leaving any micro-plastic or toxic residues. Simple and easy. Want to learn more about it? Visit wastebased and find all the answers to your questions. Otherwise, get back to us, we are more than happy to help!