ethical and local

We work with three manufacturers – one located in the UK, two in Italy.

Our brand is based in London, and from the very beginning we knew we wanted to keep things as local as possible. This is why we initially looked for a clothing manufacturer here in the UK.

But, we are Italian and a lot of the fabrics we buy come from Italian suppliers. It was only a matter of time before we started working with a garment maker in Italy.  

Both in London and Italy, our manufacturers are a stone’s throw away from our premises, this means we can oversee every step of the production process. 

In this way, we ensure that our garments are finished to the highest standards and that employees are fairly treated, receive fair wages and work under good conditions. 

made to last

With a deep understanding of design aesthetics, garment production and the properties of any type of fabrics, our manufacturers work with commitment,  accuracy and motivation to produce garments made to last. 

Our Manufactures

If you are in the UK, your dress will be made in London (UK). If you are in Europe, your dress will be made in Milan (IT). 

Having two manufacturers gives us flexibility and reduces the carbon emission of transport of supplies and finished garments.