We are four sisters, who one day decided to be on a new mission together.

We were born and raised in Italy, and although our roots remain in our hometown, life has taken us to new places across Europe.

The idea of Fouremme started on a whim, during a family holiday. Motivated by the desire to create something we could be proud of and drawing on our interest in designing and making clothes, our venture began.More than a brand we like to think of Fouremme as our ambitious little project. 

With no formal background in the fashion industry, our journey has been and is a challenging but enjoyable learning experience.

As newcomers, we soon discovered the ugly stories behind fast-fashion. Overproduction and overconsumption of clothes and unethical way of working are the main reasons that prompted us to create sustainable dresses.

Our Sustainable philosophy

As a fashion brand, we want to create clothes that are responsible, thoughtful and sustainable. Our dresses are simple, versatile and timeless. 

We promote fashion as a way of feeling good, beautiful and comfortable, where sustainability is at the core of everything we do. 

Our fabrics are carefully sourced from trusted manufacturers that produce unique materials and are leading innovation and change towards a greener and more ethical fashion. 

Our dresses are made by a local team that produce garments to the highest standard.   

our mission

BE  SUSTAINABLE   We are committed to creating fashion that is mindful of our environment and people. 

BRING CHANGE We want to challenge the way the fashion  industry currently operates and re-think the way our clothes are made. 

MAKE IT LAST – We want to create dresses that will never go out of style and will make you feel comfortable every time you wear them.